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Lifetime Limited Powertrain Warranty

colvin advatage

What You Get:

Lifetime Powertrain Warranty


    • Engine: Gas, Hybrid, or Diesel

    • Transmission

    • Drive Axle

    • Lifetime of Coverage is Complimentary

    • Retail Price: Priceless

Two Complimentary Oil Changes

    • Good on your Gas, Hybrid, or Diesel

    • Services performed at Colvin Ford Nissan

    Security Guard Theft Deterrent

      • Unique 3M Labeling System

      • Provides a $5,000 Benefit if the vehicle is stolen and not recovered or a total loss

      • 5 Years of Coverage is Complimentary

      • Retail Price: $399

      What You Choose:

      Zurich Shield Interior and Exterior Sealants

        • Seals and Protect Painted Surfaces

        • Interior Protection for Life’s Unexpected Messes

        • If the sealant fails to perform, the damage portion is treated

        • 5 Years of Warranty Coverage

        • $799 Retail Price

      Key Replacement Coverage

        • Replaces Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Keys

        • Up to $800 of Key Replacement per Year

        • Includes Programming of the Replacement Key

        • 5 Years of Coverage

        • $699 Retail Price

        The Colvin Advantage is included in any new Gas, Hybrid, or Diesel vehicle purchased for non-commercial use. Excluded Vehicle Types: Commercial Vehicles F450 and Larger including Commercial Vans; Full EV Vehicles; Leased Vehicles; Vehicles Registered in a Business or Commercial Name

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